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Many people are not familiar with the benefits of having a personal trainer and others simply have incorrect perceptions of what a trainer does. Below are some common questions and answers to help you decide how and when to look for a personal trainer.

How do I know I need a personal trainer?

There are several signs you need a personal trainer:
• You have a lack of excitement or are bored with your gym/workout routine
• If you are in a rut or have hit a plateau in working towards your fitness goals
• If you are new to working out or are intimidated in exploring all available fitness equipment and training techniques
• If you have been unable to lose weight on your own

Results with my previous trainer were minimal. Why?

It is important for you to be matched with a trainer that works well with you and specializes in your goals. You may have been shuffled to a sales person who sent you to the first trainer that was open and available. At Body By Bijhan your first evaluation/session is free so that you can get a feel for Bijhan’s personality, knowledge, training style and compatibility. This allows for you both to determine if it is a good match.

How do I know my personal trainer is right for me?

There are a few points to consider when looking for a personal trainer:
• Is fitness a priority for them? If not, how can they expect it to be for you?
• Are they qualified with a degree in the field or with a nationally-accredited certification?
• What other credentials do they have (athlete, bodybuilder etc.)?
• How much experience do they have working with others who have similar goals/challenges to yours?
• Are they personable, friendly and non-intimidating? Do they make you feel comfortable?
• Do they listen well? Do they ask questions about your history and goals?
• Do you get their undivided attention during consultations and trainings? Are they excited about helping you and committed to your goals?
• Can they offer references?
• Do they keep up to date with education and latest research/products?

How long should I expect before I see results?

You should commit yourself to at least three months with a trainer. Success doesn’t happen overnight and the longer you work with the same trainer, the better he or she knows your body and lifestyle and will further customize your fitness program. Body By Bijhan offers a variety of plans including a 3-month introductory special. Many clients chose this pre-paid option for the discount, but they are also more likely to stay accountable.

Can I just go to a trainer for a few sessions to learn some new machines and get a few ideas? 

This is not recommended, as you will likely not improve on your fitness goals. Good trainers do more than give you exercise options and count your repetitions. They offer accountability, which is especially beneficial for people with busy schedules or those with a little less willpower. They also keep you working out efficiently, effectively and ensure you are staying at a challenging level of difficulty and intensity. Trainers also give you feedback and nutritional advice.

Can’t I get the same results from a weight-loss website or by joining a gym?

You might be able to get “cookie-cutter” programs from websites or fitness magazines but you don’t get the personal time, customization and direct accountability and motivation that you get with a trainer. If you’ve joined a gym and have worked out three times or less in the past year, you paid more than $300 per workout! You work hard for your money so why not invest it in a quality trainer who will give you more for your money.

If I talk to a trainer, will I get “sold” into buying a 3-month program? 

No. Most trainers offer a variety of programs for as little as two weeks. But if you haven’t stuck to a program in the past, it is likely you will need to break old habits and form some new ones. If you are serious about changing your health, it takes time. A good trainer will explain the benefits of a 3-month program. It takes six weeks to form a habit and permanent habits are usually changed one or two at a time. If you can make significant changes in your life in 3 to 12 months, isn’t it worth the time and money invested in your future?

I don’t think I can afford personal training. Isn’t it expensive?

Before you determine, what “expensive” is, consider the following: if you take your family out to dinner three times a week or if you’ve got premium cable packages or if you get your hair and nails done regularly, you can probably afford personal training. It is really a matter of priorities. Think about the investment in your health. Go through your prior month’s expenditures and identify what expenditures were optional, including fast food and restaurants. You can reprioritize this amount towards your health. If you number-crunch and still can’t afford it, keep in mind that Body By Bijhan offers a variety of packages and payment plans including partner training, where you and a friend split the cost.

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