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Fitness Assessment

Bijhan will measure your current level of physical fitness and work with you to set realistic goals and establish nutritional plans. Fitness assessments include determining body fat percentage, BMI (Body Mass Index), physical endurance and muscle strength.

Customized Workout Plans

Your workout plan will be designed specifically for you. Bijhan gives you individualized instruction and expert advice to maximize your time. He makes sure exercises are highly efficient for your body and corrects them if they are too difficult, if they don’t feel right or are too easy. He keeps your workouts fresh and fun and introduces you to new techniques and equipment.

Nutrition Counseling

Together, you and Bijhan will develop a plan for healthy eating. Bijhan will help you determine the vitamins and minerals that are required for your optimum health. He will guide you through the process and help you get through any hurdles along the way.

Strength and Endurance Training

Bijhan will challenge you with a program to develop strength and increase endurance. He ensures that workouts don't get repetitive or boring. He works with you to achieve maximum results by combining weights, cardio, and nutrition. He makes sure your workouts are safe and exercises are correct and challenging.

Tracking Results

An important part of the process is tracking results. To maximize your progress, Bijhan continually monitors and adjusts your program. He keeps you progressing towards your goals and can help you avoid plateaus. He holds you accountable and keeps you motivated.

Ongoing Training and Support

Bijhan will show you valuable techniques that can be incorporated into your lifestyle for years to come.

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